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WebSpellChecker operates in a separate browser window so your work is not obstructed. Corrected text is automatically returned to the form. WebSpellChecker supports multiple languages and includes the English language Grammar Checker and Thesaurus.

By adding a few simple lines of HTML code and inserting a small script, you can install the WebSpellChecker on any HTML-based web site with ease.

WebSpellChecker is available as a plug-in for CKEditor and TinyMCE.

Special Features

  • Spelling Check for additional languages and specialized dictionaries
  • Unlimited custom dictionaries
    (both universal custom dictionaries for all users and a personal dictionary for each user)
  • Enhanced Security
  • Customized error messages
  • HTML tags are ignored during the spell-checking process
  • Can be used on your Intranet and behind a firewall
Compatible with: Internet Explorer 8+, Firefox 20+, Chrome 5+

WebSpellChecker Integration and Installation

Free WebSpellChecker with an advertisement banner is available for all CKEditor users! WSC is an integrated part of CKEditor 3.0+. If you use one of these editors, you already have WSC and there is no need to download and install it. CKEditor 3.0+ can be downloaded from the CKEditor site.

You can easily remove the ad banner - you just need to migrate from the free version to one of the versions that we offer: Cloud or Server. Please follow the migration instructions for the Cloud or Server version.

WebSpellChecker is available as a plug-in for CKEditor, TinyMCE and TextArea. For more details on installation, see the WebSpellChecker Installation Guide .

Grammar Checker and Thesaurus Features

This case-sensitive feature accesses a database of over 78,000 words tagged with different parts of speech. Intelligent suggestions are offered for misspelled words and grammatical errors.

  • The Grammar Checker is able to identify a wide span of common and complex errors, including:
    syntax errors, misused words, abbreviation and form errors, capitalization and possessive errors, unbalanced punctuation, classified singulars, qualified absolutes, etc.
  • The Grammar Checker recognizes the following parts of speech:
    • Adjectives, conjunctions, singular and plural nouns, adverbs, prepositions.
    • Pronouns in the nominative, objective, and possessive cases.
    • Verbs in the first, second or third person (singular and plural), auxiliary verbs, and present, past and perfect tenses.
  • The Grammar Checker performs the following transformations with accuracy and ease: Single nouns to plural nouns, case transformations for pronouns, verbs to other points of view, numbers and tenses.
  • Thesaurus features over 77,000 English synonyms for over 35,000 key words are available to add a punch to your text!