WebSpellChecker Proofreader for Editable Controls


We keep improving our new product, WebSpellChecker Proofreader.

Our paid customers can already start using the first versions of WebSpellChecker Proofreader at no additional fee.


WebSpellChecker Proofreader is based on SpellCheckAsYouType (SCAYT) core. It is designed to simplify the integration and combine the functionality of proofread as you type functionality and proofread in a dialog.

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The new autoSearch feature brings awesome capabilities and simplifies the integration of proofreading functionality in web applications.

It automatically searches and detects all the editable elements that are present on the page.

As soon as an end user sets focus on this editable element (starts typing), WebSpellChecker Proofreader will be enabled.

This is Textarea:
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This sampl text demonstrates the work of a new WebSpellChecker Proofreader. just start typing here and you will see your spelling and and grammar mistakes.
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