SpellCheckAsYouType (SCAYT)

SCAYT allows the user to see and correct misspellings while typing. Misspelled words are underlined. User just needs to right-click a marked word and select a suggestion to replace the word with.

SpellCheckAsYouType (SCAYT) plugin for TinyMCE 3

Installation Guide

1. Download and install TinyMCE 3 editor

2. Download SCAYT plug-in for TinyMCE 3.

3. Unpack the downloaded zip archive and copy the extracted SCAYT folder to the TinyMCE 3 plug-ins directory
(by default: \tinymce\jscripts\tiny_mce\plugins\). Note! Folder name should be "scayt".

4. Edit HTML page that contains TinyMCE 3. Register SCAYT plug-in (see sample, line 15), and add it to TinyMCE 3 toolbar (see sample, line 16).

5. For Licensed version: specify the URL to the SCAYT core library (see sample, line 25) ( for example: http://your_host/spellcheck/lf/scayt3/tinymce/tinymcescayt.js")

6. Check that "contextmenu" plug-in is registered also (see sample, line 15)

7. Set up SCAYT settings (see sample, lines 22-70)

8. Ignore SCAYT service styles (see sample, lines 72-74)


<!DOCTYPE html>
	<meta charset="UTF-8" />
	<script src="/tinymce/jscripts/tiny_mce/tiny_mce.js"></script>
	<script >
			theme : "advanced",
			mode : "exact",
			elements : "myEditor",
			language: "en",
			// register SCAYT and ContextMenu plugins.
			// You can register SCAYTContextMenu instead of ContextMenu plug-in
			plugins : "scayt,contextmenu",
			theme_advanced_buttons1 : "code,scayt,|,bold,italic,|,cut,copy,paste",
			theme_advanced_buttons2 : "",
			theme_advanced_toolbar_location : "top",
			theme_advanced_toolbar_align : "left",
			theme_advanced_statusbar_location : "bottom",
			theme_advanced_resizing : true,

			// SCAYT Parameters
			// turn on/off SCAYT autostartup
			scayt_autoStartup: true,

			// License version only: set SCAYT core URL
			scayt_srcUrl: "http:/your_host/lf/scayt3/tinymce/tinymcescayt.js",

			// Custom protocol/host/port/path to SCAYT service (ssrv.cgi). Licensed version only.
			// scayt_serviceProtocol: "https",
			// scayt_serviceHost: "svc.webspellchecker.net",
			// scayt_servicePort: "444",
			// scayt_service_path: "spellcheck31/script/ssrv.cgi",

			// Hosted version only: set up encrypted customer id. Without it SCAYT won't work
			scayt_customerId: "your_encrypted_customer_id",

			// enable/disable "More Suggestions" menu. Possible values: "on"/"off"

			// Customize SCAYT context menu items (Add word, Ignore , Ignore all)
			// It must be a string with one of the values: 'off', 'all'; or combination of the following values: 'ignore,ignoreall,add' separated by a comma character (',')

			// Define order of placing SCAYT context menu items by groups.
			// It must be a string with one or more of the following words separated by a comma character (','):
			//   'suggest'     - main suggestion word list,
			//   'moresuggest' - more suggestions word list,
			//   'control'     - SCAYT commands, such as 'Ignore' and 'Add Word'
			scayt_contextMenuItemsOrder: "control,moresuggest,suggest",

			// Set number of visible in right-mouse menu suggestions
			// (all other suggestions will be present in submenu "More Suggestions")
			scayt_maxSuggestions: 6,

			// Define minimum length of the words that will be collected from editor for spell-checking.
			// 'value' - any positive number
			scayt_minWordLength: 4,

			// Set up spellchecking language for SCAYT. Shor codes: http://wiki.webspellchecker.net/doku.php?id=installationandconfiguration:supportedlanguages
			scayt_slang: "en_US",

			// Allows to customize SCAYT options tabs
			// This setting must contain a '1' (enabled) or '0' (disabled) value for each of the following entries, in this precise order, separated by a comma (','): 'Options', 'Languages', and 'Dictionary'.
			scayt_uiTabs: "1,0,1",

			// IDs of SCAYT custom dictionaries. It's a string containing dictionary ids
			// separated by commas (","). Available only for Licensed version.
			// Further details at http://wiki.webspellchecker.net/doku.php?id=installationandconfiguration:customdictionaries:licensed .
			scayt_customDictionaryIds: "1,3001",

			// Makes it possible to activate a custom dictionary on SCAYT. The user
			// dictionary name must be used. Available only for Licensed version.
			scayt_userDictionaryName: "test_dic",

			// choose SCAYT Context Mode: "default"/"off"/"copy-paste".
			// "default" - all registered default and custom plugin's items will be shown
			// "copy-paste" - all registered items will be disabled
			//			except "Copy", "Paste" and all other plugin's items
			// "off" - all registered items will disabled except other plugin's items
			// avaliable only if SCAYTContextMenu plug-in is registered.
			scayt_context_mode: "default",
			// Specify the names of tags that will be skipped while spell checking.
			scayt_elementsToIgnore: "del,pre",

			// ignore scayt service styles
			class_filter : function(cls, rule) {
				return cls == 'scayt-ignore' ? false : cls;

	<textarea id="myEditor" name="myEditor" >
		This is an exampl of a sentence with two mispelled words.