SpellCheckAsYouType (SCAYT)

SpellCheckAsYouType: Multi-language support for CKEditor

The multi-language support feature is shipped together with SCAYT for CKEditor 4+ and allows users to perform spelling checks in two or more languages at once. With this functionality, foreign terms and phrases are not reported as misspellings in your business and everyday communication. The multi-language functionality

  • can be enabled or disabled through a separate option in the CKEditor SCAYT plugin
  • supports all 154 languages (16 by default and 138 as additional languages)
  • is available only for CKEditor 4 Cloud/Server users.

Evaluate CKEditor SCAYT multi-language support on the following demo page.

How to Use Multi-Language Spelling Check in CKEditor 4+

  1. Enter the required multi-language text in the CKEditor.
  2. Set the required languages for the respective text abstracts. To do this, select a text abstract in the editor, click the Set language button on the Language plugin toolbar, and select the required language in the drop-down list.

The Spelling check is performed in the selected languages.

How to Enable/Disable Multi-Language Spelling Check

  1. Enable the CKEditor's language plugin. To do this, set the CKEDITOR.config.extraPlugins parameter value to 'language'.
  2. Enable multi-language support in SCAYT for CKEditor 4. To do this, set the CKEDITOR.config.scayt_multiLanguageMode parameter value to ‘true’.
  3. Define the list of languages for the Set language drop-down list on the Language plugin toolbar. To do this, set the required values for the CKEDITOR.config.language_list parameter.

Note: you can also set custom styles for the incorrect words in different languages. To do this, use the CKEDITOR.config.scayt_multiLanguageStyles parameter.