SpellCheckAsYouType (SCAYT)

GrammarAsYouType (GRAYT) for CKEditor

GrammarAsYouType (GRAYT) for CKEditor 4+ is a grammar check feature that allows users to see and correct grammar problems while typing. GRAYT is shipped together with SpellCheckAsYouType (SCAYT). Currently, the GRAYT feature is available in CKEditor 4+, and it is supported in CKEditor versions 4.5 and higher.

Starting the WebSpellChecker version 5.0.1, grammar checker is available for 14 languages for the paid clients and only for the American and British English for the free CKEditor users.

How to Use GRAYT for CKEditor

  1. Enter the required text in the CKEditor. The text containing grammar mistakes is underlined in green, while the text containing spelling mistakes is underlined in red

    Note: Spelling mistakes take priority over grammar mistakes.

    The example contains both spelling and grammar mistakes in the same part of the sentence.

  2. Correct the spelling mistake. After a spelling correction is applied, the same phrase is underlined in green, which means it contains a grammar mistake
  3. Right-click the grammar mistake to open the GRAYT context menu.
  4. View the description of the mistake.
  5. Select a suggestion to replace the mistake, if available. Otherwise, paraphrase the mistake.

How to Enable/Disable GRAYT

To turn the GRAYT feature on or off, set the grayt_autoStartup parameter value to ‘true’ or ‘false’ respectively. Also, you can review the WebSpellChecker documentation to find more information on how to configure SCAYT for CKEditor: Cloud version and Server version.