WebSpellChecker provides two versions: Cloud and Server.

The Server or Standalone version of the WebSpellChecker application runs on your server (on-premises), includes all the products WebSpellChecker Proofreader, SpellCheckAsYouType (SCAYT), WebSpellChecker (WSC) and Web API on a permanent basis.

The Cloud version of WebSpellChecker services runs on our servers, and the services are provided for an annual fee and have some usage limitations.

WebSpellChecker Server

  • Main server license costs: $3,500
  • Each additional server license costs: $1,500
  • Development/QA server license costs: $500

The base price for the Server version for a single server is $3,500, which includes an permanent license to the WebSpellChecker application, and one year of maintenance, upgrades, and support from the WebSpellChecker team. If the WebSpellChecker application is installed on more than one server, the price for each additional server is $1,500.

A renewal of the Maintenance Agreement for another year costs $750 for the main server, $250 for each additional server and $100 for a Dev/QA server. It provides continued maintenance, support, and upgrades for one year.

WebSpellChecker Cloud Services

  • WebSpellChecker Proofreader: $250* per year
  • WebSpellChecker (WSC): $250 per year
  • SpellCheckAsYouType (SCAYT): $250 per year
  • Web API: $250 per year
*The offer is on until Nov 9, 2018.

The base annual price for the Cloud service is $250 per service, which covers the service usage up to 50 million words per year. If the customer end ups exceeding the limit the service will not stop working. WebSpellChecker Team monitors the usage, and notify our customers beforehand with the proposal to purchase another set of requests.

The Cloud services are pointed to the WebSpellChecker cloud where all the requests are processed and sent back. With such approach no server-side installation of the application server is required from the customer as everything is done on our side.

Additional Services and Products

  • Additional language- $500 per each. The Additional language can be used only in a bundle with a paid WebSpellChecker products. For evaluation purposes, we can add any of Additional languages to your Cloud subscription for seven days. If you don't have a subscription yet, you can subscribe to the trial one and get back to us with your customerID.
  • Medical Dictionary- $1,000. The Medical dictionary includes more than 187K American and British English terms, which relates to anatomy, diseases, health care, generic and trademark drug names, and medical research. It can be used only in a bundle with a paid WebSpellChecker products.

You can order the products you are interested in by contacting us at or via our support form. Three types of payment methods are processed on our side: wire transfer, credit card and payment via PayPal. And we do not have a possibility to process checks.