Grammar Engines Comparison

Grammar error type Example Microsoft Word
Adjective-Adverb That was the most stupidest book that I've ever read. Yes Yes
Adjective You should eat fewer meat. Yes Yes
Curiosity is different than other ways of being fulfilled. Yes No
Adjective + Uncountable noun There are many wine for sale. No No
Adjective-Adverb Errors/comparative adjectives and adverbs someones' book Yes Yes
Einsteins law No Yes
i will take all students papers. No No
Steve and Jim dorm room No No
I did bad on my English exam. Yes Yes
whos Yes Yes
Apostrophes in Time (Temporal) Expressions My car came with a years' free insurance. No No
Apostrophes misuse The laptop is overheating and its making that funny noise again. Yes Yes
Article Errors a apple Yes Yes
a sand No Yes
Let's buy a furniture No Yes
go to a class No No
Capitalization Errors Her name is linda Yes Yes
Mr. Matsumoto speaks english well Yes Yes
I met her in july. No Yes
They traveled around the carribean islands Yes Yes
I play tennis on mondays. Yes Yes
Willie Walsh, britishairways' new boss, says this summer's wildcat strike action by airline staff was damaging. Yes Yes
icici bank says backlog clear Yes Yes
every christmas Yes Yes
bill of rights No No
jurassic era Yes Yes
buddhist holiday losar Yes Yes
bible chapters No Yes
i was born in 1968 No Yes
cia open source notification system Yes Yes
Comma Omissions A circuit with ten states, using one discrete voltage value for each state, can be designed but it would posess a very low reliability of operation. No No
For each instruction the control unit informs the processor to execute the operation specified by the instruction. No Yes
Furthermore one of the most powerful ways of analyzing data is to display them as a graph No Yes
When two sounds heard together are unpleasant they create dissonance. No Yes
The memory unit stores programs as well as input, output and intermediate data. No No
The ratio of the square of the periods of any two planets according to Kepler is equal to the ratio of the cube of their distances to the sun. No No
The boy, who broke our window brought some flowers to the door. No No
Fuel reprocessing technology unlike nuclear waste production has not advanced. No No
A flip-flop can store one bit of information and, it has two outputs. No No
Light pollution or "sky glow" seriously diminishes the amount of starlight visible to the naked eye. No No
Comma Splice When a processor is combined with a control unit it forms a component called a CPU a CPU contained in a small integrated circuit package is known as a microprocessor. No No
Compound adjectives James Dean is a well known actor. No Yes
Compound nouns A mother in law is the mother of a person's spouse. Yes No
Countable and non-countable nouns The disease affected a large amount of camels in the town. Yes No
Dangling Modifiers Using an ammeter, the electrical current was measured. No No
Double Negatives Tom did not do no lab report. No Yes
Behind the loud weaving machine we could not hardly hear each other's voices. Yes No
Mike thought the instructor would not say nothing to him about it. No Yes
Failure to Use A Possessive Before a Gerund The instructor did not approve of him assisting Don with his lab report. No No
Failure to Use A Possessive Before a Gerund I read an article in the paper that believes in capital punishment. No No
Fragments To understand the operation of each digital module. It is necessary to have a basic knowledge of digital systems and their general behaviour. No Yes
Fused/ "run-on sentence" Sentence Binary logic is used to describe the manipulation and processing of binary information it is particularly suited for the analysis and design of digital systems. No No
Dangling Modifiers Using an ammeter, the electrical current was measured. No No
Mixed Construction If a person intends to pass the exam, then you should start tonight. No No
Parallelism Jim likes to surf the net, to design games, and watching science-fiction movies. No No
Past Tense Errors I am suppose to turn my paper in today. Yes Yes
He has took the train. No Yes
Plurality Errors-Nouns thiefs Yes Yes
partys Yes Yes
softwares Yes Yes
heros Yes Yes
Pronoun Case Errors Who do you trust? No Yes
she sends it ours No No
The woman whom is standing over there is my mother. Yes No
Pronoun Reference Newton's law of universal gravitation states that the force between them depends on the product of their masses divided by the square of the distance betwen their centers. No No
It is a present from my wife and I No Yes
Redundant words You should install software from the CD disc. No No
Relative verbs I must to call him immediately. No No
Shifts in Person or Number The senior design team expects to get an "A" on their project. No No
Shifts in Tense Tom went to the game, but he leaves early. No No
Subject-Verb Agreement The books on the shelf is about electrical engineering. No Yes
He don't care about me anymore. Yes Yes
Yesterday we was at home. Yes Yes
Unnecessary Commas A combinational circuit, may have don't-care conditions. No Yes
The slightest, push, pull, or twist, could accelerate the huge satellite, giving it an incorrect or even dangerous velocity. No No
I have spoken to Sarah, and confirmed the delivery date. No No
Verb + preposition What shall we discuss about today? Yes No
Verb Errors (wrong form) bited Yes Yes
Words confusion I always loose the product key. Yes No
The rain effected Amy's hairdo Yes No
I can resist everything accept temptation. Yes No
I can only complement him for such terrific dedication. Yes No
This animal lives in the dessert Yes No
The principle objective is to make a profit. Yes No
The office junior is in charge of ordering our stationary. Yes No
The sound affects were amazing Yes Yes
Enemy will definitely envelope the town. Yes No