Customized User Interface


The user interface can be customized to meet the requirements of your website. Customization of "look and feel" includes:

  • Colors of buttons, captions, pages and text
  • Fonts and font sizes
  • Shape, size and location of page elements
  • Logos and branding (can be altered to remove or replace the logo)
You can customize the "look and feel" of the WebSpellChecker window by updating HTML-based templates that are used to generate your user interface. The WebSpellChecker window consists of three parts which can be removed:
Navigation, Text, Control Area, Time box.
Each area contains some text and control elements in the form of buttons and lists. Each element's appearance may be customized. A button's color, size, border color, text color, captions can be changed. The color of text, of a misspelled word, and of the current misspelled word can be changed. Custom text can also be added to each part of the WebSpellChecker window.

Licensed Version

You can customize the web interface of the Licensed Version of to fully suit your site's requirements: change the colors, fonts and buttons, remove the time boxes, and remove or change the logo. Please read the documentation on customization.

Below are a few examples to illustrate your flexibility in customizing the WebSpellChecker "look and feel":