About Us


WebSpellChecker LLC is a leader in Hosted and Licensed spell checking technology and services. The company provides spell-checking products for web applications. Our products address the needs for quality spell check web solutions for a number of applications, such as Customer and Relationship Management (CRM), Content Management Systems (CMS), Email Marketing Tools, Help Desk Systems and many others. The WebSpellChecker.net products can be easily integrated and utilized within websites, corporate intranets, web mail, etc.

Software developers seeking to integrate spell-checking functionality into their own applications choose WebSpellChecker.net because we provide excellent technology, easy implementation, responsive support, attractive licensing and financial terms, flexible and creative deal structures that fit your business model.

The WebSpellChecker.net products are available as standalone solutions for editable controls such as input, textarea, tags with contenteditable attribute, iframe and also as plugins for the most popular HTML editors like CKEditor and TinyMCE. In scope of the partnership with CKSource, the WSC and SCAYT plug-ins are an embedded spell-checking solution in CKEditor and are available for all clients who choose this editor.

We provide

  • Excellent technology.
  • Easy implementation.
  • Responsive support.
  • Attractive licensing and financial terms.
  • Flexible and creative deal structures that fit your business model.


Eugene G.
Julia S.

Julia has joined the WebSpellChecker.net team in the beginning of 2015 bringing new and fresh ideas to the project. Julia manages the team, communicates with the WebSpellChecker.net customers and partners as well as with the business owner in order to meet the client's expectations and make sure that the project progresses in the right direction. Julia holds Master's Degree in Computer Science.

Bogdan D.
Bogdan D.
Web Developer

Bogdan joined the WebSpellChecker.net team at the end of 2015. He swung into action at once by being involved into features development for new products. He devotes most part of his free time to improving his skills and learning of new technologies. Bogdan always strives to take challenges and find the best solutions. He holds Bachelor's Degree and now is getting Associate Degree in Computer Science.

Maxim V.
Maxim V.
C++ Developer

Maxim joined the WebSpellChecker.net team in 2014 and since then he’s been ensuring the WebSpellChecker.net server-side components are running smoothly over the supported platforms. His previous experience in system administration helps him to resolve tough configuration problems. Maxim is eager to learn new development techniques and practices, experiment with OS internals.

Artem A.
Artem A.
Software Test Engineer

Artem is responsible for manual testing to ensure the project quality. He uses every opportunity to improve QA process, creates tests, helps to design and improve requirements. He is passionate about what he does, that is why he is constantly developing his skills and growing as a professional. Also he is interested in security issues of applications. Artem believes that there are no absolutely safe products, there are only unhacked ones.