About Us


SpellChecker.net, Inc. is a leader in Hosted and Licensed spell checking technology and services. The company was founded in 1999 by Jeff Bianco and, for more than 10 years, provides spell-checking products for web applications. Our products address the needs for quality spell check web solutions for a number of applications, such as Customer and Relationship Management (CRM), Content Management Systems (CMS), Email Marketing Tools, Help Desk Systems and many others. WebSpellChecker.net products can be easily integrated and utilized within websites, corporate intranets, web mail, etc.

Software developers seeking to integrate spell-checking functionality into their own applications choose WebSpellChecker.net because we provide excellent technology, easy implementation, responsive support, attractive licensing and financial terms, flexible and creative deal structures that fit your business model.

The WebSpellChecker.net products WebSpellChecker (WSC) and SpellCheckAsYouType(SCAYT) are available as plug-ins for the most popular HTML editors like FCKeditor/CKEditor, TinyMCE, and others. In scope of the partnership with CKSource, the WSC and SCAYT plug-ins are an embedded spell-checking solution in FCKeditor/CKEditor and are available for all clients who choose these editors.

WebSpellChecker.net licenses its products for different companies, from small businesses to Fortune 1000 companies like Johnson & Johnson, Wyeth, Sprint, Progressive, Amgen, Synovus Financial Corp. and others. Government organizations, educational institutions, health care foundations use our products. WebSpellChecker.net has been a trusted spell-checking partner since 1999 for such leading organizations as: Salesforce.com, RedDot Solutions, Oracle, Monster.com, JetBlue, the Government of Canada, and the Federal Communications Commission.

We provide

  • Excellent technology.
  • Easy implementation.
  • Responsive support.
  • Attractive licensing and financial terms.
  • Flexible and creative deal structures that fit your business model.


Jeff Bianco twitter linkedin

Jeff is the founder of WebSpellChecker.net and has a long history in the software industry. He founded GraphicCorp in 1993 (sold to Corel in 1999) and founded CustomCD in 2005 (sold to Digital River in 2008). Jeff brings years of successful entrepreneurial and leadership experience, having founded and run multiple international businesses. His expertise includes database marketing, software development, ecommerce, and business development.

Kira G.
Project Manager

Kira has joined the WebSpellChecker.net team back in 2010 and since then brings her experience and devotion to the project. Kira is responsible for ensuring the success of the WebSpellChecker.net project. She manages the team, communicates with the WebSpellChecker.net customers and partners as well as with the business owner in order to meet the client's expectations and make sure that the project progresses in the right direction. Kira holds MS in Computer Science.

Andrew Z.
Lead Software Engineer

Andrew has been working with the WebSpellChecker.net team since 2010. Due to his extensive experience and hard work he makes sure that our application works smoothly and meets all the requirements of our clients. He is responsible for all product components, system architecture design, planning, deployment and maintenance of WebSpellChecker.net application, keeping the technologies on the project up to date. Andrew pays a lot of attention to optimization of the development process. Andrew holds MS in Computer Science.

Igor B.
Customer Support Specialist

Igor is working hard to ensure that all needs of WebSpellChecker.net clients and users are met. He is responsible for problem analysis and resolutions of customer support product questions and issues, continuous improvement of product documentation. Keen to help our customers with the integration and ongoing maintenance of WebSpellChecker.net application, Igor is very enthusiastic about learning system administration and solving challenging requests.

Inna B.

Inna is responsible for WebSpellChecker.net server side and all the components related to the application server and spell-checking libraries. She has expertise in C++, Python, and other server-side technologies. Inna loves experimenting and solving interesting and tough problems. She continuously improves her experience developing under different operation systems. Inna holds MS in Applied Mathematics

Yuriy K.
Web Developer

Yuriy has very strong JavaScript development experience; he joined the team in 2011 and since then working hard on products improvements. He brings innovations and sophisticated solutions with enthusiasm and a persistent approach. Yuriy focuses on high-quality standards in web-based software development. He is responsible for SCAYT core development and improvements as well as development of new products. Yuriy holds MS in Computer Science.

Artem Z.
Web Developer

Artem is a web developer with experience in JavaScript and PHP, and he's responsible for the client side of our application. He is working on improvements to the WebSpellChecker (WSC) and SpellCheckAsYouType (SCAYT) products as well as on development of new features since 2011. His work for WebSpellChecker.net gives him opportunities to fulfill the most challenging ideas for the client side of web applications. Artem holds MS in Computer Science.

Eugene G.
Web Developer

Eugene joined WebSpellChecker.net team in 2013, putting his knowledge to work on enhancement of WebSpellChecker and SpellCheckAsYouType plug-ins and core functionalities. He is a constant learner, always strives for better solutions and maintenance of high quality in software. Eugene is enthusiastic about constant improvement of product user interface.

Oksana G.
Software Test Engineer

Oksana is a software test engineer. She believes that high-quality standards for web products and services are must. By joining the WebSpellChecker.net team, Oksana gained an opportunity to apply her professional testing skills to a unique spell-checking project. She takes care about the quality of constant improvements of WebSpellChecker.net products.